Plenty of space and easy access

In Knuthenborg Safaripark both disabled and elderly visitors feel comfortable. Everyone can experience the fascinating animals and the beautiful historical park. 

Experiencing the animals
The dangerous African, American and Asian animals like rhionos, giraffes, bisons, wolfs and tigers are experienced from your own vehicle.  

The animals on Maglemermarken and Bandholmmarken you can pat and they often approach you when you park on the paved roads. Thus also visitors in wheel chairs can experience these animals first hand.

Lemurs, kangaroos and emus are experienced from footpaths with gravel in the enclosures. Also visitors in weel chairs can easily get around here and enjoy being very close to the animals.

Sanitary conditions
The sanitary conditions especially in the visitor centre "Limpopohuset" in Limpopoland are very good for vistors who need extra space and no door steps. Also the toilets in Fugleparadiset have easy access.

Wheel chairs
We have a limited number of wheel chairs that can the borrowed for free from the Information counter in Limpopohuset.

Vistor centre and restaurants
In Knuthenborg Safaripark every one have easy access to the visitor centre, restaurant and cafés. Close to Limpopohuset there is a large open space with tile paving.

There are three main parking grounds:

  • In front of the visitor centre called Limpopohuset (this is also right by the huge nature playground and water playground).
  • By the baboon and lemur enclosures (Abeskoven).
  • By the birds and kangaroos (Fugleparadiset)

Parking is free in Knuthenborg Safaripark, and we have plenty of space!

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