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Frequently asked questions

What is the price for renting a safari tent?
See prices here>
You pay a unit price that applies for up to 6 people. The price includes access to the safari park for two days, stay in Knuthenborg Camp, an evening experience with guide and final cleaning.

How do I book a stay?
Online booking will open soon.

How many nights can we book?
You can book one night only.

At what time of the year and which days can we book a stay?
You can stay in Knuthenborg Camp throughout Knuthenborg Safaripark's opening season from the season's start in late April to the autumn holidays in late October.

When to arrive?
You are welcome in the safari park from 10.00. At 16.00 we are ready to check you in and you get the keys and are informed about safety etc.

When to departure?
There is check out at 10.00, but you are welcome to stay in the safari park until closing time.

You write that the tent is for 6 people. Can we bring a child under the age of 3 as a 7th person in the tent?
Unfortunately no. The tents are approved by the authorities for a maximum of 6 people.

Can we bring our own food?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food. You have access to a gass grill. 

Can we order food in advance?
Yes, please see catering options here>
The packages and beverage are booked online when you book your stay.

Is there barbeques available - also for preparing our own food (not preordered)?
Yes, we provide gass grills. Please make sure to clean the grill after use.

What are we expected to do before departure?
Please do the dishes and put everything in place, empty the refrigerator and throw waste in the container.

How big are the tents?
Delux tent (35m2 + 15m2 terrace):

Delux tent with disability access (45m2 + 15m2 terrace):

Do the tents have kitchen and refrigerator?
There is a sink, electric kettle and small refrigerator, but no stove or oven. Gass grill is provided.

Does the tent have toilet and bath?

How about accessibility for disabled guests?
One of the ten tents is designed with disability access. Like the other tents this tent is build on poles, but a ramp leads up to the tent. The living area as well as the bathroom is more spacious. There is room for 6 persons. The tent has a double bed and two bunk beds.

Are there duvets in the tents?
Yes, there are duvets and pillows. You just need to bring linen.

Are there baby chair and travel crib in the tents?
Yes, it is possible to borrow both. Please specify when booking if you wish to borrow this.

Are the tents heated?
No, there are no heaters in the tents. Thus it can be nice with a pyjamas if your stay is during spring or autumn.

Do the tents have Wi-Fi and TV?
No, there is no Wi-Fi or TV in the tents - but you have the most beautiful scenery right outside the door!

Is there electricity in the tents?

Is smoking allowed in the tents or outside? tents or outside?
No, it is not allowed to smoke in the tents - nor on the terrace.

Can we bring our dog?
No, dogs or other pets are not allowed - even if they stay in the car.

Can we see wild animals from the tent?
Yes, you can enjoy the wildlife of the savannah right outside the tent. Our savannah is however huge and of couse the animals sometimes choose to be in other parts of the area.

Can we hear hear loud music and have a party in the tent?
No, Knuthenborg Camp is a really special experience and should be enjoyed in peace and quiet. Loud noise disturb the animals and of course other guests. There should be silence around from 22:00.

Can we enjoy alcohol during our stay?
Yes, but you must be able follow our safety instructions at all times.

Can we drive or walk around in the safari park after closing time?
No. After closing time you must stay at Knuthenborg Camp.

Can we exit the safari park after closing time in case of emergency?
Yes, we will inform you on safety and emergency procedures when we check you in. We have staff standing by all night and in case of emergency you can call the staff who will help you. 

Can we exit the safari park after after closing time to buy candy or get pizzas?
No, it is only possible to leave the safari park in case of emergency. The safari park is closed with large iron gates.

Do we need our own car to stay in Knuthenborg Camp?
Knuthenborg Safaripark is huge with over 23 km of road. You can cycle around in a part of the safari park but in enclosures with dangerous animals such as tigers, wolves, bison and on the savannah, you will need a car. Please note that only cars with hard roof (no convertibles) can enter the tiger enclosure.

We would like to say good morning to the animals in the stables - is that possible?
Yes, when you book your stay you can also buy a ticket for a wonderful guided tour in 2-3 stables. Please note that this tour requires that you have your own car, as the stables are distributed around the safari park. It is not possible on bicycle, moped or motorcycle. For safety reasons, children must be at least 3 years old to visit the stables. The guide speaks Danish and English. You share the guide with the other Knuthenborg Camp who have booked the tour. 

How are the accessability for disabled persons on the morning visit in the stables?
The stables are work areas and as such not suitable for wheelchairs. If the disabled person has a helper who can asist with steps, etc., it is possible to participate. Please note: The tour is not possible with electric wheelchairs.

How late can we cancel a booked stay?
You can cancel free of charge up to 3 weeks before your arrival date. Cancellation closer than 3 weeks to the day of arrival, cost a fee of 30% of the price. Cancellation is done by contacting Knuthenborg at info@knuthenborg.dk. Please remember to provide your customer number.

Other questions?
If you have questions that are not adressed above, you are most welcome to contact us.

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