Getting around

500 hectares, 23km of road, 1000 animals!

  • Wherever you go in the safari park you are close to the animals. You get the best experience by moving slowly and following the directions from the staff. 
  • The visit is at your own risk regarding both material and persons. You can get around by car motorbike, bicycle or on foot.
  • The speed limit in the safaripark is 30km/h, though only 10km/h in the tiger and wolf enclosures.
  • Give way to the animals and pay attention to resting animals. On a hot summer day an animal may take a rest in the shade of your parked car.

In the ares with animals where you are allowed to leave your vehicle, the following goes:

  • Children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult
  • Keep an eye on your vehicle at all times.
  • Dogs must stay in the car.
  • If an animal chooses to walk away - do not follow it.
  • Animals with offspring may be offensive. This goes for example for the water buffalos 
  • Respect the animals and make sure that they see you when you approach.

In areas with dangerous animals you are not allowed to leave your vehicle. Upon arrival you will recive a map showing these areas.

You are most welcome to enjoy food and bevarages outside the animal areas.

Outside the animal areas you are allowed to have your dog with you outside the vehicle. The dog should always be in a leash.

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