South America

South America

South America covers three climatic zones: tropical around the Equator, subtropical and temperate in the southern regions. The continent has a huge variety of habitats and is home to a great variety of animal species. 

Most people probably associate South America with The Amazon, the world's largest rainforest covering 5.5 million km2. But South America is much more than that - for example the world's longest mountain chain, The Andes, which stretches 7000km from south to north,

The concept of "Savannah" we know from Africa, but South America also has such plains - here they are simply called pampas, and cover 750,000 km2 in the southeastern part of the continent. In central South America is the Pantanal - one of the world's largest wetlands and home to a large number of animal and plant species.

Learn about our animals from South America below and see where you can find them in the above.

Animals in South America

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