“Abeskoven” means Monkey Forest. Here you park your car and continue on foot. Abeskoven and Lemurskoven (means “Lemur Forest”) are located right next to each other, and you use the same parking lot. In Abeskoven a large group of Hamadryas Baboons live. You can experience the animals either from outside the enclosure or by taking Abebussen (means “Monkey Bus”) which takes you into the enclosure, where the baboons will climb on the bus. 

Abebussen runs throughout the day and is of course free of charge. You can also participate in the daily feedings and learn more about the fascinating animals.

In Abeskoven is a kiosk and toilet facilities.

In the menu above you can learn about the South American monkeys that live in Abeskoven. To read about the baboons click on "Africa" in the menu.

Animals in Abeskoven

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